Broadway Commercial


Successful City-building requires thoughtful consideration of every detail. Adjacent to Western Canada’s busiest transit hub, which sees 150,000 commuters daily, this important and underdeveloped site has the potential to be a true City-building opportunity.

Crombie REIT (“Crombie”) and Westbank have spent the last four years envisioning the project that would become a community asset. The proposal includes a significant market rental as well as below market rental and condominium homes, public plaza, childcare, new and expanded grocery anchor, as well as high quality office space and small-scale retail.

Summer 2016
Local architect Bing Thom developed a framework of principles to help guide the design process.

Fall of 2016
In the fall of 2016, the project team hosted a Neighbourhood Social at Federico’s to collect feedback on the initial principles.

April 2017
Based on the parameters of the Grandview Woodland Community Plan, the project team’s priorities and public feedback, a first design scheme was developed.

April 2017
Stakeholder Workshops attended by representatives of local organizations served to inform the project components and design priorities.

June 2017
In the spring of 2017, the project team hosted a Pre-Application Public Open House at the Croatian Cultural Centre to present the first design scheme.

July 2017
An information booth at Italian Day allowed those who may not have had a chance to attend an Open House to participate in the engagement process.

November 2017
Crombie REIT and Westbank made the decision to proceed with a new architecture firm – Perkins and Will – to realize the project vision while staying true to the original principles developed by the late Bing Thom.

Late 2017 to 2019
In mid 2019, the project team refined a design that would correspond more closely to the Grandview Woodland Community Plan but also retain some of the elements of the first scheme and submitted a rezoning application.

September 2019 to February 2020
The project team hosted a number of stakeholder update sessions to gather community feedback on the application.

July 2020
A revised rezoning application is submitted that incorporates important changes including a greater percentage of rental homes, further design development of the public plaza and animation of 10th Avenue through small-scale retail.

We are pleased to announce that our rezoning application is now live on the City’s website. You can also find updated information here.

The Guiding Principles

The late Bing Thom, an internationally renowned architect, created the framework to help guide the future development of this important property. Perkins and Will, a local architect with global experience, has continued Bing Thom’s legacy to create a truly unique project at this iconic intersection.

New Urban Typology

A design approach that is unique to this location and responds to the eclectic nature of the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Housing Diversity

Inclusion of market rental, below-market rental and condo that creates a vibrant housing mix.

Transit-Oriented Development

Inclusion of extensive infrastructure to encourage cycling and public spaces that connect the property to the SkyTrain station.

Retail Diversity

A new and expanded Safeway store complemented by neighbourhood-serving retail and small-scale retail to animate 10th Avenue and the edge of the plaza.

Green Urbanism

Public and semi-private spaces that focus on access to nature, vertical greening, and an on-site greenhouse.


Unique architecture and materials, a linear plaza with retail animation, and a range of amenities, including childcare.